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Mexican Ebony Spatula


Who We Are

Our family workshop in Bentonville Arkansas is where the magic happens. Ever heard of Disney on Wood? NO? Well, now you have. With a myriad of locally sourced wood and homemade wax made of beeswax, we create cutting boards and charcuterie boards with unique and remarkable looks.   With a wide selection of designs and choices of size, color, and style, we can meet any cutting board needs. You tell us the design, we make it for you. Just select the board style, the color theme, and size and we'll get right to work, to give you the best board we can. Each board is special, with different wood, patterns, grains, textures, and styles. 

Our aim is to provide you with a special cutting board to keep for years.

The artistry of creating cutting boards started when we made them for our own use and for gifts, we bought some locally sourced planks of wood and figured they would make beautiful cutting boards. With some hard work and some time in the garage, we made our first cutting board. We then started to experiment with different designs that we posted on Facebook for our friends to see. Soon friends started asking us to make boards for them. From there, our business grew, and now we only hope to spread our art with you and your family...






4211 Ginn Rd. 

Bentonville, AR 72713